This policy is compatible with interests of our firm, sense of ethics, social responsibility and shared values.In our activities both to ensure the safety of our employees and third parties and with practices which will indicate our environmental awareness we will create differences in the perception of quality in the industry. We promise continuous development in our performance of quality, environment, work safety and health. Our objectives which grounds on continuous growth and development with Process and Project Management, performance measurement and evaluation system and effective communication efforts with the contributions of our all employees, subcontractors and guests will bring our successes with the following topics:

QUALITY: Providing goods and services we produce in the most efficient and economical and timely manner, with the contribution and joint participation of our employees in superior quality than our competitors is our goal. For this purpose,exceeding customer expectations we offer a more secure and long-lasting aesthetic products. As to do right at the first time we endeavour with all our employees in a peaceful and safe working environment.

ENVIRONMENT: We have maintained an Environmental Management System supported by Top Management and adopted and implemented by all employees, controlled, revised, may be monitored by the public and continuously improved.

WORK SAFETY AND HEALTH: To provide a safe and healthy workspace, layout and equipment for all our employees and give required information and training for these are our main policy. In addition, we also approve our responsibilities related with safety and health of other people affected by our activities.

LAWS AND REGULATIONS: We comply with all legal requirements in the fields of Work Safety and Health and Environment Management and continuously follow them.These requirements have been registered with proceduresin our Quality System.